Kadean Construction Company executes many different types of contracts annually. These are our most common contracting methods




This delivery method provides the most economical, fastest and most direct route to success for the client. The D/B process will minimize risk for the project owner and reduce the delivery schedule by having the ability to overlap the design and construction phases of the project.

Kadean will provide the selection of the architect, designers, consultants and all key subcontractors to deliver the project with single source accountability. In some cases, the architect may already be selected for the project and Kadean will be called upon to work with that firm to develop design-build criteria for the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection design-build scopes of work. Once the subcontractors are selected, we work diligently with the architect to coordinate the plans and specifications across all disciplines.


Construction Management


Acting as the owner's agent, we manage and coordinate the designers and contractors as one team throughout the design and construction phases. This contracting method enables Kadean's involvement in the earliest stages of the process adding constructability knowledge and strong collaboration resulting in a well planned project and increased efficiencies.


General Contracting


This traditional contracting method is often the basis for many projects, with the use of Kadean's labor force to perform select scopes of work in a competitive design-bid-build contracting process. In this arrangement, the design is typically complete by the time we join the project team. Kadean will coordinate with the owner and designers as the project progresses to prevent and solve construction issues.